Welcome to Winning Orchids


Winning Orchids was founded in 2000. We are a certified wholesales only orchid nursery on Big Island, Hawaii, located between 13-14 mile south of Hilo town. Our greenhouses are equipped with computerized greenhouse control system which allows us to grow a wide range of varieties of orchids. Before 2015, Winning Orchids’ primary focus was on supplying Phalaenopsis orchids all year round to Hawaii and U.S. mainland markets.           

With 4 different zoning set up in our 3 acres facility, we are  able to grow from warm temperature orchid genus, like Dendrobium, Cattleya, Vanda, to cool/ intermediate temperature orchid genus, like Oncidiinae intergenetics, Miltoniopsis, Zygopetalum, Paphiopedelum, and others.